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Why do I Need a Mobile-Friendly Website?

From business cards and brochure design to trade show displays and catalogues, our team provides a wide array of print marketing materials that will establish your company’s brand and clearly communicate messaging to potential clients and partners.

Mobile Visitors are Task-Focused

Most of the time when a user visits your website, it is not necessary that he buy your services and products. They are on your website for many reasons like they compare your product prices to your competitor’s prices, searching your phone number, checking the consistency of your brand across on and offline channels from several platforms.  A fast loading is the first step to take your business to next level.

Mobile Users are More Likely to Convert

The visitors are looking to your mobile app as a pathway to draw the conversions and be your customer. If you have a well performing mobile app that can establish your brand identity as well as the market value so the visitor will ultimately purchase the product from you. Your mobile app can become a streamlined and a good experiencing platform for your customer.

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Around 70% of the visitor login to your mobile app just to acknowledge the price rates of the product. An inconvenient mobile app gives the opportunities to your competitors for conversion which is directly associatedwith your conversion loss who are browsing that product on your site.

Differentiate Your Business

Those who are willing to purchase from your site wants the page loading within the period of 3 seconds.  Around 85% of the full site base mobile pages takes 4.8 or more seconds to load. It is not just enough to create an attractive website, but it needs to be quick and responsive that can be remembered by your users and they keep on visiting to increase your sales.

Can I make my website mobile-friendly or do I need a separate website?

Sometimes the question arises in mind that whether a business should have one, two or more websites individually for mobile, tablets, and desktops.
We offer you to create an all in one website that can adjust according to different devices. It provides you the options for considering according to your requirements.

Responsive website design

It is the place where your screen adapts the changes according to screen resolutions.  It varies according to the devices either the tablet or mobile phones. It requires more efforts and techniques to create such website than the typical one that can show all the elements of the site properly even within the compressed screen. Responsive websites are considered as the most efficient for search engines.

Separate style sheets

This is a place where you find theURL, but the modification depends on the device type from where you are accessing your website. It means that using the same HTML code but altering the using style sheet. It also consumes less period than the responsive one.

Separate websites

This is the destination from where you can find your site. Example: <a href=””></a>. It redirects the user to the correct URL based on the usage of the device.

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