Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC Process

We create the campaigns specified to your business goal via PPC marketing process.


We recognize the customer’s website, business, and competitor to provide them with the proper documentation that can be used at other levels of the project also.

Project Brief

Define client information & business goals along with all required information to accurately complete discovery processIt deals with the client’s bibliography and other requirements needed to analyze the project and working.

  • 1 Analytics
  • 2 Budget
  • 3 Business Goals
  • 4 Campaign Login Credentials
  • 5 Audience
  • 6 Geographic Location

PPC Audit

Create baseline for current website PPC performance based on analytics, landing pages, and present campaign statistics

Keyword Research

It defines the proper keyword research according to the market demand that is outlined in the project summary.

Competitive Analysis

It defines the proper keyword research according to the market demand that is outlined in the project summary.


It develops the complete PPC strategy and project plan ups that are highly optimized to the business goals.

Paid Search Strategy

It elaborates the Paid Search, Remarketing campaigns and display with targeting methodologies, recommended budget and displays.

Measurement Planning

To optimize the work plans according to short term and long term goals to assess the campaign working.

Landing Page Creation & Campaign Setup

Implement landing page recommendations from the Paid Search Strategy through development or collaboration with the client

Landing Page Design (optional)

It aid to make designs with the best possible converting landing pages having highly ultimate response for new campaigns.

Campaign Setup

It is supported to make and edit the paid search strategic campaigns.

Landing Page Implementation

It helps to edit or create the landing pages that assure conversion tracking and reduce page load time.


It visualizes and arranges the works based on the optimization of keywords, ad copy, and landing pages.

Short-Term Adjustments

It is the adjustment done daily or within a few days. It is associated with the changing of the bid, ads and landing pages.

Campaign Adjustments

It deals with the global changes to the crusade done on the weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Analysis & Reporting

It deals with the assessment of regular working report that includes the analysis of campaigns performance, goal approaches and adjustment of the project plan.

Monthly Performance Report

It is the documentations that hold the goal destinations, task accomplishment and the plan for next month.

Quarterly Review

It is the comprehensive evaluation and adjustment of campaigns to the project plan that should be made after the result outcomes.

Keys To A Successful PPC Campaign

Selection of The Proper Keywords

Your keywords should be highly optimized according to the requirement of your website. If you are a retailer so make it sure that the consumer who wants your product must directly access towards you.


Control the Search Experience

It is a single narrative to advertise your website in front of the audience, but it is another essential thing to make that advertise fascinating and informative to provoke the customer’s interest. Your ads destination and landing pages must be directly tracked towards your product.


Understand the Economics Before You Start

It is so important to comprehend the economics of your business. For suppose if you are spending $5000 on pay per click campaign so you must generate the enough revenue that compensates your financial and labor cost. Now you can adjust your cost according to your budget.But it will be the worst markup if you spend $15 to sell a $20 shirt, it doesn’t matter how many times it happens a day, but eventually, you are losing money.


Use Metrics to Stay Ahead of The Curve

The most tangible thing in pay per click is that you can immediately know the results. It let you check the advertisements, landing pages and keywords. It helps to wind up those campaigns that are non-beneficial to the business and also to groom those one performing efficiently.

Enhanced Targeting with PPC Marketing

It also offers the flexible advertisement in term of deliverance. It provides a broad range of techniques that aid to grab the audience and mostly the targeted audience as per your business requirements.

Keyword Targeting

By working with the right keywords, you can target and grab the right audience towards your product and also can dominate in the hub of seekers.


Your keywords should be relevant to the need of your website.  It really teases a customer to move on some other website he was not willing to go through; you also need to pay for that visitor if he even left immediately. So if you want to build the best possible ROI, so you must need the high relevancies to the keywords.

Matching Options

It’s up to you now that either to bid for a broad match keyword that is the variation of a keyword or the narrow targeting keywords having the exact match to the keywords. You can also specify the negative keywords that you don’t want to appear for. It will specify your keyword in accordance with other relevant searches for that broad end keyword.

Geographical Targeting

It is the targeting defined for an area only. It is actually to target the local customers, which can classify that your add runs only in those areas where you want it to approach. Mostly your neighborhood, city, or state


It helps you to deliver ads at the best timing when your customer is searching for your product.  By using the AdWords data in accordance with analytical data, you can quickly analyze when you are going to attain the leads from Pay-Per-Click marketing so that you can spend more at peak hours of your business and less during off-adjusting your campaign.


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