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SEO Process

We have the five-way SEO process that can lead your business to the marked success.


We recognize the customer’s website, business, and competitor to provide them with the proper documentation that can be used at other levels of the project also.

Project Brief

It needs to elaborate the business goals and client information so that the discovery process could properly accomplish.

Keyword Research

It defines the proper keyword research according to the market demand that is outlined in the project summary.

SEO Audit

It provides the guideline for the sites SEO that based on research-based performance.

IA Overview (optional)

Aid to improvise website’s performance that focus on user experience and navigation.

Competitive Analysis

It determines the area from where you can get the best opportunity; also underline the risk factors and SEO competitors according to keywords research.


It develops the complete SEO strategy and project plan ups that are highly optimized to the business goals.

On-site Strategy

It deals with the required changes for website coding and contents that are optimized to search engine.

Off-site Strategy

Document current standing of goals, campaign metrics, tasks completed, and plan for the following month - Analysis Specialist

Content Strategy

It makes the strategy for the content that needs to be created for the website, press releases and other social media.

Measurement Planning

To optimize the work plans according to short term and long term goals to assess the campaign working.

On-site Optimization

It includes the strategy been taken from the On-Site & Content Strategy via the progression and collaboration with the client.

Content Implementation

Adjust the web content as per the content strategy and the requirement of the website according to the targeted keywords.

Technical Implementation

It assists in applying the editing in website coding that tracks to the On-Site Strategy. It determines the changes in page elements such as meta information, no-follow links, canonical tags and internal links. It also helps to update other elements like a domain's robots.txt file, like a domain's robots.txt file, Google Analytics account, and site mapping. It can also alter the social media strategy.

Content Marketing

It incorporates the implementation of Off-Site and Content Strategy via concern outreach and sharing of content.

Content Creation

Create the relevant content on daily basis according to Content Strategy

Influencer Outreach

Contact with the partners and other networks to allow your content publication on their website that has a link to client’s website.

Public Relations (optional - extra cost)

To increase the relation and to expose the business it needs to spread information via press releases, industry channels, and news.

Social Media (optional - extra cost)

Excite the audience to discuss and share interesting contents about customer’s business

Analysis & Reporting

Give the regular analytic report having campaigns performance, goal approach and adjustment of a project plan that targets result.

Monthly Performance Report

It includes documentation having goals achievements, task accomplishment details and plan for that month.

Quarterly Review

A review that includes campaign and adjustment to the project plan based on the achievement of results.

Why Does Our SEO Process Work?

We never engage in forbidden black hat techniques

that might offer short wins but result in stiff penalties and wreak havoc on your hard-earned SEO power.


We work hard to stay ahead of the ever-changing SEO curve,

providing continual training and professional development for all members of your client team.


We believe in utilizing best practices that can maximize both short and long term results,

developing content and structuring web pages the way they were meant to be read.


We believe in utilizing best practices that can maximize both short and long term results,

developing content and structuring web pages the way they were meant to be read.

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Sample SEO Traffic Results

We are serious when we say that we are results-driven. Here are some recent examples of results achieved for clients thanks to our search engine optimization services. All of the graphs below are pulled directly from Google Analytics, showing only organic traffic, while filtering out branded keywords (search terms that include a client's company name or its variations).



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