Social Media Marketing

Social Media Process

Our social media marketing process ensures that your business gets such a marketing campaign that is highly optimized to your ultimate business destination.


We recognize the customer’s website, business, and competitor to provide them with the proper documentation that can be used at other levels of the project also.

Project Brief

It needs to elaborate the business goals and client information so that the discovery process could properly accomplish.

Audience Research

It defines the proper audience research on social media platform according to the market demand that is outlined in the project summary.

Social Audit

It provides the guideline for the social media sites that are based on research-based performance.

Competitive Analysis

It determines the area from where you can get the best opportunity; also underline the risk factors and social media competitors according to the specified industry.


It develops the complete social media strategy and project plan ups that are highly optimized to the business goals and the content related to the targets of social media.

Profile Strategy

Document actionable plan to develop or optimize profiles across networksTo make the record action plan for improving or optimizing profiles across the network.

Engagement Strategy

It assists in creating the several plans to get engaged with inside and outside users of the customer's social community. To grew the network of influencer at a greater level.

Measurement Planning

To give the considerable short and long term goal plans to evaluate the campaigns performance properly.

Monthly Performance Report

Create such materials to post on social networks and profiles to grab the audience by making a content strategy.

Advertising Strategy (optional)

It develops the proper advertising plan and budgeting for the considered network. It needs to make sure to determine bout each and every object of the program, either it is based on community growth, conversions, generation lead, etc.

Campaign Execution

Implement the plan ups mentioned in content and profile strategy to achieve the goals.

Content Implementation

Work according to the content strategy and social marketing to distribute the content to the relevant networks.

Community Management

Interact with users across the networks by following engagement strategy.

Advertising Implementation

While working on advertising strategy, implement the advertising campaign follow ups. Keep your strategy in line with the client budget.

Analysis & Reporting

Give the regular analytic report having campaigns performance, goal approach and adjustment of a project plan that targets result.

Monthly Performance Report

It includes documentation having goals achievements, task accomplishment details and plan for that month.

Quarterly Review

A review that includes campaign and adjustment to the project plan based on the achievement of results.

We Leverage Social Media to Engage

Your Audience and Increase Sales

the social media activity aided to improvise your social visibility on search engines like Google while leveling up your brand, product selling, traffic driving and helping new and old customers.

Engage Customers in Meaningful Conversations

Business cannot groom up in arrogance. In this era, you need discussions with your client about your business. It is vital to know what they like or what not, and what’s the new they have.

Provide Instantaneous Customer Service

Social media assist a company to sort out the client’s problem immediately. This can be done by direct ways of interacting like proving channels to register a complaint, suggestions, and concerns. It can also be accomplished by viewing the people’s response online about your brand.

Engage Visitors by Having them Contribute Content

It is another way to engage the traffic by contributing content via social media platform. If it is done correctly, then it can lead to engaging costumers and also to create sales with better brand awareness.

Provide Exclusive Offers & Discounts to Your Audience

The people always keep in search for a latest best online deal.  It gives the opportunity to the credential customer for providing exclusive promotions. By this effort, you can not only reach the audience but also can determine the success of your campaign by having social media tracking analytics.

Put a Human Face on a Big Company

It is seen that the huge companies have some barriers in between communicating to their audience or the general public. By a friendly human face, you can resolve this obstacle to building a trustable relationship with the public.

Social Media Integration

Social media provides the greater opportunities to reach the audience according to the brand’s target. You can use a high number of ideas to reach your audience.

Easy transfer of content via Facebook, Twitter, and several another web 2.0 sites.

By the available social media tools, create the instant bookmarks for your websites.

Channels for Social Media Integration

Account Login / Registration

  • Facebook Connect / Open Graph
  • Google Connect
  • Twitter Connect
  • OpenID

Community Building

  • Facebook Friend Connect
  • Google Friend Connect

Onsite Content

  • Twitter Status RSS Feeds
  • Google Profile
  • Facebook Profile Badge

Create the site accounts and Facebook logins without any efforts.

Stimulate the necessary capabilities of social media by integrating Facebook on e-commerce webs.

Examples of Social Media Integration


A ladies’ online magazine wants to connect in a better manner to its user and wants to make it easier for them to upload their stories and comments with the world.


We integrate with both the Facebook as well as Twitter connects (called open graph) that allow the user to login using either system. It enables the reader to “like” the stories and automatically notify the friends. The reader can also get connected to other users who read the same stories.


An e-commerce An e-commerce website wishes to use Twitter as a means to broadcast to the world new products which are added to the online store.


Blue Fountain Media integrates Twitter into the back-end of the website so that anytime a new product is added to the site; the administrator has the option of updating Twitter with a custom message about the new product.

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Te people are connected to each other as never before by social media platform, also engaged in the discussions of brand and industry. As a result, we found that social media can be that much interesting and helpful. The thing you need to care about it is common mistakes, by staying away from that you can move towards the active media marketing.

Ignoring It All Together

The two most popular online activities are social networking and blogging. On the daily basis, people should talk about your brand; you need to focus and listen to them to make your social media efforts successful.

Defining Your Business User Persona

Assuming Social Media is A Cheap And Fast ``Miracle Pill.``

An entrepreneur wants everything and immediately. The digital market consumes time and patience. You can’t get the payback of your efforts unless you meet with the right people, connect, grow and share with them.

Defining Your Business User Persona

Thinking That Anyone, Who Grew Up With The Internet is competent of Devising, Executing, and Maintaining a Social Media Campaign

It’s not just to know about the technology, or you are the person of a digital age, but one needs the effective strategy for an efficient business. It is not about the sizing and not about what we are doing in social media network. But it is why you need to be in social media network. It is about the talent to set out the YouTube over Facebook or considering the blogs over Twitter. Every real business needs to focus on giving values to its customers at where they already exist.

Defining Your Business User Persona


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